Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome to 2012!

Hello Family & Friends!
As we embarc on what will certainly be a beautiful and eventful new year, Iain and I have decided to make a good faith effort to try to be better at sharing our adventures and photos with family and friends.  The result is this  Blog . . . . and we are very excited to give it a go!  We will try to post photos of our adventures and may even go back in time to post things that have happened over the last few years.  

Our new years resolution is to try to accomplish those things that have been on our virtual "list" for awhile.  So, last week we had date night and created an official list.  The objective is to 'do' at least one of these each month during 2012.  In the end, we hope to have had some great new adventures and heaps of fun along the way!  For the record, here's the list:

1. Take Thai Cooking Classes
2. Take Dance Classes
3. Spend a whole day at the beach
4. Visit the Sydney Observatory
5. Complete the 7 Bridges Walk and / or City to Surf
6. Visit the Toronga Zoo
7. Scopa Dive and / or Snorkel
8. Visit the Sydney Acquarium
9. Sky Dive
10. Drive the Great Ocean Road
11. See a show at the Opera House
12. Spend a weekend day at an open-air bar
13. Picnic in the Botanic Gardens
14. Date night at a top restaurant

Keep your fingers crossed that we can complete the list!  We'll do our best to keep you posted as we go. . .

In the meantime, may your 2012 be full of love and adventures! 

much love,
Michelle & Iain